5-Year Mechanical Integrity Inspections

5-Year Mechanical Integrity Inspections

What to Expect:

5-Year Mechanical Integrity Inspections review includes thorough analysis of entire refrigeration systems. Trained mechanical engineers view all equipment, documentation, and operating conditions. Service available for ammonia, C02 split systems, Freon and more.

  1. Detailed visual inspection of the entire system, each major piece of equipment, and their supports (Check for deterioration/rust, damaged insulation and/or vapor barrier).
  2. Test critical safety cutouts including low suction pressure, high discharge pressure, low oil pressure, and vessel high level cutouts.
  3. Verify that equipment, valves and controls are operating within the normal operating specifications.
  4. Verify evaporator defrost operations are functioning and clearing the coils.
  5. Observe evaporator frost lines on all units functioning and check hand expansion valve adjustment as needed.
  6. Verify all ammonia sensors are being challenged per SOP.
  7. Test emergency and continuous exhaust fans.
  8. Verify operation of emergency E-Stop.
  1. Complete Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Inspection Checklists based on IIAR bulletin 109 for each major piece of equipment.
  2. Review PSI documentation (compare documentation with the nameplate on each piece of equipment).
  3. Perform a detailed visual inspection of pipe and insulation integrity.
  4. Provide follow-up consultation to discuss findings of the inspection.
  5. Provide a written report of the finding along with recommendations.

This inspection will require access to your facility and the use of your Scissor lift. Scope of services to be performed by trained Mechanical Engineer.