5-Year Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

What to Expect:

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College offers Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing for facilities with evidence of pipe or vessel degradation. This includes a follow-up consultation and written report with recommendations.

  1. Visually observe the entire piping system for deteriorated piping and insulation.
  2. As determined by the visual inspection, ultrasonically test points to determine the remaining metal thickness of suspect piping and vessels.
  3. Any insulation removed for testing is replaced, unless pipe is excessively corroded, and the vapor barrier is reinstalled as new.
  1. Provide a digital report of findings and recommendations including onsite conditions, pipe, vessel, and insulation condition, remaining material thickness at test locations and % material loss.
  2. Provide follow-up consultation to discuss the findings of the inspection, along with next steps to correct any deficiencies.

This inspection will require access to your facility and the use of your scissor lift. Scope of services to be performed or supervised by a trained mechanical engineer. Insulation removal and repair to be performed by a trained insulator.